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The National Society of Mining, Oil and Energy (SNMPE), the most important union that brings together more than 140 companies in the energy and mining sector in Peru, launches, through its Technology and Innovation Committee, its first international open innovation program in collaboration with the most important entities of the public and private sector, directly related to the industry.

Minergy Scouting seeks to accelerate the technological transformation of our extractive industry in Peru, convening the best technology suppliers in the world, through the opportunity to present innovative and modern solutions to the challenges posed by our participating energy and mining companies.

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What are we looking for?

We are looking for supplier companies and startups with solid experience in the market and who provide rapid implementation solutions for the challenges posed by the participating companies.

What benefits do I get from participating in scouting?

The opportunity to establish commercial relationships and / or to do business with the largest companies in the country's energy and mining sector. Don't miss it!

Challenges by category

We seek solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of the sector.

We are looking for mechanisms to increase the efficiency of our processes at the operational level.

We need alternatives to improve our processes in order to increase our productivity indicators.

The integrity of our workers comes first. Help us find the best proposals to guarantee your health and well-being.

Scouting has a program which last about five months and which consists of the following stages: workshops, qualification, matchmaking and recognition. In this process, potential problem solvers will have the opportunity to improve the proposals submitted.

Participating companies must also have a desired technological readiness level (TRL), which will be evaluated by the organization.

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Take advantage of this unbeatable opportunity to accelerate the growth of your company, doing business with the most important industry in the country with the highest growth in Latin America in the last two decades.

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Virtual meetings aimed at participants, in which our partner companies will respond to their main questions


The SNMPE will pre-qualify the solutions based on the participant´s profile and the maturity of their technical proposal. Subsequently, the evaluation will be carried out by the associated company to which you are applying for your solution.


It will connect to potential solvers to receive feedback from the internal teams of the companies that presented their challenge in order to land their proposal for a solution to the specific challenge of each associated company.


We will recognize the commitment of each solver, through networking with companies in the industry, in addition to belonging to the portfolio of suppliers of the SNMPE, Promperú, Produce and more.

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